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Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or more broadly, Intelligent Automation (IA) is a key factor of every financial institution’s transformation strategy. But how much difference can Intelligent Automation make to financial services organisations? And how should financial services organisations deliver a successful automation programme with an operating model that enables scaling and tracks ROI?

Join ISG's Wayne Butterfield and Andy Shapcott, Head of Automation at Lloyds Banking Group on-demand to hear a winning approach of IA implementation and how it yielded measurable success.

Lloyds Banking Group's Automation Journey

Lloyds Banking Group set out with a goal of creating enterprise-wide solutions across four key capabilities:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Virtual Assistants
Digital/Intelligent Products
Machine Learning

All capabilities are now delivering value and they have been pivotal in responding in an agile way to peaks in demand, such as the Bounce Bank Loans and Mortgage Repayment Holidays driven by COVID-19, as well as tax year end peaks. 

RPA is the first to be used at scale:

Supporting over 240 processes
Processing over 12 million transactions
Freeing up 575,000 hours of colleague time.

Going forward Lloyds Banking Group are looking to maximise their value through further linking the capability and therefore unlocking more automation opportunities. 

Webinar Takeaways Include:


What's the first step in progressing your automation journey?


Accelerating the journey - how to add capability to drive additional value


Key success factors - from operating models, to the people involved and tools required


What's next after your intelligent automation strategy has been applied? 

Meet The Speakers

Alexandra Classen, Director at ISG (Information Services Group)

Wayne Butterfield

ISG Automation

Anna Medkouri, Director at ISG (Information Services Group)

Andy Shapcott

Head of Automation
Lloyds Banking Group

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