$3.86 Million

The average total cost of a cyber breach in 2020

280 Days

The average time to identify and contain and attack

304 Million

Ransomware attacks globally

There has been exponential growth in the frequency and severity of cyber attacks in recent years, leading many companies to question how they should be prepare for an attack and how they would respond if it happened. Of key concern is how to protect the supply chain to avoid a cyber breach.

Join ISG and our guest speakers as we explore the practical implications of the critical infrastructure legislation, capabilities essential to prevent attacks and insight into the changing nature of attacks globally and the impact on business insurance.

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Your Host

Lisa Borden


Sid Maharaj

Partner - Cyber & Technology Risk

Doug Saylors

Cybersecurity Lead

John Taylor

Group Executive

"Bolting on security as an afterthought is likely to leave significant gaps that will leave organisations vulnerable to exploits which have not yet surfaced in the market"

- Doug Saylors, Director, ISG in CSO Online

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Community of Practice Webinar Series

ISG established the CoP several years ago with a belief in the value of fostering community, learning and networking amongst our clients. With vendor management at the core of the community, we aim to create a space for the open sharing of ideas.

We have strong guiding principles: no selling, no positioning of any products or services from anyone (including ourselves), and no providers. ISG acts as a thought leader in this space, and it has created very rewarding results for us and our community members over the years.

We take a lead from the community about what topics are hot at the moment, and then draw in critical thinkers relating to that topic to impart insights and different perspectives, and then to participate in discussion.

For this particular topic of cyber security the community will have a particular focus on how they can protect their supply chains.

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