Recognizing exceptional client service experience.

The ISG Star of Excellence™ recognizes exceptional client service experience, is based on direct feedback from enterprise clients, and the results serve as a benchmark for measuring client centricity in our industry.

ISG’s flagship program on Voice of Customer captures customer experiences in terms of their country of origin and industry as well as State of the Art IT service and solution used. The information is used to influence their positioning in the IPL quadrants that ISG uses for its sourcing business. The award-related program section now also recognizes vendors besides service providers to be rewarded for outstanding Customer Experience (CX) performance.

Join ISG leaders for a webinar to learn more about the current program updates and what to expect moving forward

Key Takeaways

Get to know the key factors that influence the relationship between users and their IT partners or providers and which priorities as well as sentiments ISG perceives in the market. Understand which providers currently stand out for their client-centricity. Be part of a sneak peek into 2023 ISG Star of Excellence™ coverage areas and award categories.

For Providers:

  • Learn how the CX information from ISG Star of Excellence™ influences positioning in the ISG Provider Lens™ quadrant reports
  • See how to nominate your clients and track participation via web dashboard
  • Record the timeline for IPL response validity and data collection for CX Awards

For Enterprises:

  • Understand ISG’s coverage with factors defining and influencing the CX of your peers in your region/industry
  • Realize the complementary research you have access to when participating in the ISG Star of ExcellenceTM survey.
  • Learn about ISG’s quarterly CX Index report that analyses CX trends by regions, industries and technologies

Join us, February 9th for ISG's Star of Excellence 2023 Program Update Webinar

Who Should Attend

Provider Audience
Analyst and Advisor Relations as well as CXOs, Product and Service Line Owners

Enterprise Audience
IT/Digital Leaders, Operational Leads, Line of Business Users, Procurement and Vendor Management

Meet The Speakers

Jan Erik Aase
Partner & Head of IPL

Heiko Henkes
Director & Principal Analyst, Global IPL Content Lead

Mrinal Rai
Senior Manager & Principal Analyst, ISG Insights

Arun Kumar Singh
Senior Manager and Principal Analyst